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Homeless Period Ireland

Interaction Design

Project Length

3 Months


UX/UI Designer, Service Designer


Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and Premier Pro, Adobe XD


Homeless Period Ireland is a service that provides sanitary products to women experiencing homelessness in Ireland. Our team redesigned physical and digital touchpoints to facilitate the donations of hygienic products such as tampons and pads. It used social media and branding to increase awareness and promote government action on this problem.


It is that dreaded time of the month for homeless women or women in crisis. They usually have no choice but to go with limited or no access to sanitary products. This initiative believes that tampons and towels should be available to all women. Homeless Period Ireland allowed my colleagues and me to make a difference by facilitating a holistic service for women in need and bringing awareness to their campaign.

The Solution

User Research

We started this project by researching Dublin and interviewing women in need and volunteers working in several homeless organizations. We began by interviewing the founder of the service and continued through to the volunteers of the service and local shelters and women who have experienced or were experiencing homelessness.


Clair Hunt

Homeless Period Ireland, Founder

6x Volunteers

Local Homeless Shelters

7x Neighbors In Need

Experiencing Homelessness

Research Synthesis

We discovered that women were rarely receiving donations and that no one knew about the HPI organization's actions in changing government law.

User Journey

We created a persona/user story that would map an experience of a person who needed sanitary products at the current time, which made it clear that the service required a redesign to suit the women's needs.

Problems & Opportunities

The service needed awareness on social media and around the local universities. It also required branded donation stations so that donators could easily find the stations and finally a website so that volunteers could sign-up and set up new donations stations.

Poster Deliverable

We designed posters and the hashtags #endperiodpoverty #combatperiodpoverty to allow users to get the service trending on social media.

Donation Station Deliverable

We also created branded donation stations in Fusion 360, a 3D modelling software; this ensured that they could be flat packaged and shipped to any location quickly. The colours meant donators could be easily spotted, securing donations arrived successfully.

T-Shirt Deliverable

We also created t-shirts with the Homeless Period Logo and the hashtag #endperiodpoverty, engaging younger audiences to support the service to increase engagement via social media further.

Website Deliverable

Finally, we created a website; the site included the donation stations locations and the ability to sign up as a volunteer to arrange a station and help deliver products to the shelter that needed them most.

The Results


As a result of our redesign, the service has successfully achieved more donations and has even successfully convinced government officials the government to take action.

This is a link showing Lidl, a major grocery store partnering with the service to provide free products to women in need.

Here is a link to the Irish Times article commending the service for its work.