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Emrit Explorer

A free tool for the Helium community

Project Length

3 Months


Senior UX/UI Designer


Figma, Figjam, Jira, Slack, Google Meet


Emrit is a crypto mining hardware provider. They are lowering the barrier of entry for those wanting to start mining crypto. Once the customer orders a device, they provide the hardware, the app, and the technical support to make it the best experience possible.


Based on user research conducted with users of Emrit helium miners. The lack of a user interfaces on helium miners caused confusion regarding whether or not devices were still earning. Users needed to monitor their devices and test them to ensure that their miners were still connected to their wifi network so that they could collect HNT tokens.

The Solution

Lean UX Canvas

In an attempt to highlight user and business pain points, insights were gathered from the tech support team and key stakeholders. A lean UX canvas made this sprint much quicker for a business that was new to user research.

Proto Personas

I was able to use the information in the canvas to create user personas to ensure the teams were aligned on our goals.


Wireframing allowed me to develop ideas for the application and test them quickly and help highlight potential usability issues early on.

Lo-fi Prototypes

I then created low fidelity screens which I could then show to stakeholders to be modified according to their suggestions.

Hi-Fi Prototypes

Finally, I created the final versions to be handed off to developers so that they could implement the designs.

The Results


For this project, Emrit wanted to solve a specific business issue that pointed to this specific result- the explorer. They were responding to their community and this is a great thing to do in web3.

After doing more research for this project, it was clear that users wanted an all-in-one place to manage their miners and accumulated tokens.

Having more support from leadership to drive towards a complete experience ie. wallet, device manager, etc. would've generated a better result.

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